Who we are

Sea Line Cargo, emerged in 2012, combining the concerns of a group of young professionals in the logistics sector and with the premise of offering to the customer a product with high added value. This value, based on integral logistics management, is based on three plans that are the efficiency, experience and professionalism of the greatest asset that a service company has; Your human team

The company from its creation to today has become a global logistics operator with a wide range of products such as; maritime, land and air transport in all its modalities, special projects, comprehensive customs and warehousing management, multimodal transport and triangular or cross-trade operations.

We have global coverage at the international level as members of the most important agent networks (world wides) in the market with more than 5000 offices spread over five continents.

We are passionate about challenges, therefore we design ad-hoc logistic solutions for industrial projects and special transports </ strong>, operations that require experience, specific knowledge, flexibility and intense dedication to guarantee the most professional and accurate solution to the project where we are trusted.

La actividad logística está en constante evolución y desde Sea Line Cargo somos conscientes que el futuro en el transporte pasa por la intermodalidad, por eso desarrollamos soluciones personalizadas para nuestros clientes basadas en transportes combinados, ferrocarril, etc…, lo que nos permite estar a la vanguardia.

Estamos en la era de la globalización, donde los transportes ya no tienen por qué generarse donde se encuentra el vendedor. En Sea Line Cargo disponemos de un departamento altamente especializado en Cross-Trade permitiendo a nuestros clientes hacer envios desde y hasta cualquier parte del globo, con lo precios más competitivos y las máximas garantias.

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