SeaLine Reefer is made up of a team of professionals specialized in temperature-controlled maritime transport. We are perfectly familiar with the fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, and food segments, and this knowledge, together with personalized service, efficient shipment management, and effective incident resolution, has allowed us to grow in the reefer segment.


Our objective is that each product travels safely and we take care of the merchandise from loading in the warehouse to delivery at destination so that our clients can dedicate the time to their business, trusting us with the integral management of international transport.


If you work with us, you will realize that our team is your logistics department in which you can fully trust the management of your shipments.

Our clients choose where to take their products and Sealine takes care of the rest, both for sea and air shipments, from any origin to any destination in the world. We collaborate with the main shipping companies and a solid network of carriers that successfully guarantee each shipment. We have collaborators in the main ports, being able to offer service practically anywhere in the world.

We handle a wide range of refrigerated and frozen food products with extensive knowledge of the product and the casuistry of each one of them, such as loads of fruits/vegetables with controlled atmosphere, cold treatment, super freezer, etc.

Our team of professionals, given their experience, advises the client on all the necessary procedures to export or import, from the documentary, operational, commercial, technical, customs, involving all of us for the benefit of the client.

Monitoring and control of all loads from collection in the warehouse to delivery to the customer’s home.

Specialized transport insurance ensures the protection of perishable goods during their transfer. Offers coverage against damage, loss, and delays that may affect the quality or freshness of products.

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